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Published: December 30, 2018

Published: July 6, 2018
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The Documentation refers to the latest version of the Simplifier. If you have an On-Premise installation and need help with an older version, please contact us via, we are glad to support you.

The current version is: 4.0

New Features


In order to optimize the teamwork in the UI Designer, it is now possible to work on an application simultaneously with several users. The new AutoSave function ensures that no changes can get lost and that every user works with the latest version.
Like in version 3.5, user stories can be saved separately. In addition, the Simplifier indicates who is currently working in which user story to enable conflict-free working in the Process Designer.

UI Designer:
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Process Designer:
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To simplify the testing of interfaces (connectors) and business objects, there is now a test history. Input parameters and test results for the test procedures are stored and archived. Users can retrieve this information at any time and repeat the tests as required.

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Business Objects:
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Automated testing

To reduce the manual testing effort of applications, users can create automated tests by using the OPA5 technology. An absolute innovation in the low-code market is the connection to an automated German test cloud. This allows the app to be tested automatically on different browsers and operating systems*.

*paid feature

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App documentation

For a better traceability during the app creation, the app process documentation is now automatically generated in Markdown format. In addition, the last editor of applications and connectors is displayed.

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Additional authentication methods

For external user management systems and single sign-on scenarios, the Simplifier now supports even more authentication methods such as OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect. The connection to an existing LDAP, Active Directory or SAP system via SSO2 is still supported.

Open Authorization (OAuth):
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Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML):
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Archive Logs

With version 4.0, the central log for the monitoring of Simplifier applications during runtime can be archived via the central settings.

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Updated Features

User experience

To increase the user experience in the Simplifier, we have reworked the display views. This includes the Simplifier Dashboard and all list views of components.
In order to enable faster work, it is now also possible to switch directly to the edit mode of applications, connectors or business objects via usage lists.

Extended search functions

It is possible to search for widgets in the screens within the UI Designer. In addition, users can use the arrow keys to navigate between the widgets.
The search function in the Process Designer displays all activities such as events, scripts, connectors and business objects.

UI Designer:
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Process Designer:
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Further configuration options

To reduce the need for users to create code themselves in the future, it is now possible to iterate via data aggregation and nest conditions via an OR function.

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Function in the section of connectors

We have enhanced the SOAP and SAP RFC connectors with query parameters, for example, to change the current language settings in the SAP backend system.
In addition, it is now possible to send messages to Simplifier user groups using the push connector. Parameters in SQL connectors can be used several times in the statement and foreign key dependencies can be created for SQLite connectors.

Adaption of templates

The user interface of the text templates was adapted to the Simplifier design and extended by transfer parameters analogous to the business objects.
It is furthermore possible to configuratively integrate templates in the Process Designer into the application workflow.

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Compatibility with UI5 Theme Designer

The SAP UI5 Theme Designer can be used seamlessly to create the corporate design for import/export.

More safety functions

The Simplifier has been extended by several security features:

  • captcha in the login mask after too many failed logins
  • filtering iFrames in the Simplifier System Messages
  • using CryptoJS in Server-Side Business Objects

Conferencing Plugin

The Conferencing Plugin for real-time audio and video calls has been optimized.

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Data Workbench

Elements can be edited within the Data Workbench. Users also get more information about variables and auto fields at first glance, e.g. the exact data type.
In addition, we have added some attributes to the Auto-Field URL, such as protocol, port and source address.

For more information, have a look at Data Workbench and the following pages.