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Published: July 6, 2018

Published: March 31, 2018
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The Documentation refers to the latest version of the Simplifier. If you have an On-Premise installation and need help with an older version, please contact us via, we are glad to support you.

The current version is: 4.0

New Features

Client-side Business Objects

Business objects can now also be executed directly on the browser or on the respective mobile device. They are created centrally and can therefore be reused several times. Read more »


Tags of connectors and business objects for easier search / categorization

Each connector/business object, widget and data type can now be tagged. For example, project-related configuration objects can be given a project name, which makes them easier to find again.


Automatic reloading of the preview when saving in the UI Designer

Every click on the “Deploy” button automatically updates the preview in the browser.


New Business Object API incl. autocompletion

Within a business object, the most common functions can be accessed using a uniform API and auto-completion. Read more »


Logging & Monitoring for Connectors and Business Objects

Via the Logs & Monitoring you can now see who did the last changes in a connector or business object.


Mobile Log

Errors in the Simplifier Mobile Client can now be evaluated centrally.


Application configuration level

You can now check how much programming effort is avoid through the low-code approach, the degree of configuration is now displayed in percent in the application overview. Read more »


Interactive API documentation

The documentation of the Simplifier REST API is now directly accessible via an HTML page and can be tested directly.


New Mobile Action

For the detection of counter readings we now support the technology of our partner Pixolus via configuration.

The background mode can be activated for notifications / push messages so that the user is informed even without active use of the Simplifier Mobile Client.

Updated Features

Conflict management during import of transports

When importing Simplifier transports, the user will be made aware of potential conflicts in the future. This creates transparency for shared connectors, data types or business objects. Read more »


Usage List for Connectors and Business Objects

For efficient management of dependencies between applications and data from backend systems, we now offer an overview that shows which data is used by which application or which interfaces are integrated in which applications.


Extended configuration options in the Process Designer

We have expanded the configuration options in the Process Designer:

  • Busy indicator for access to connectors or business objects can now be switched on and off
  • Validation of mandatory parameters for mappings for business objects and connectors
  • New toolbar incl. copy & paste function
  • Validation of the configuration when saving the user story
  • External links in the user stories allow linking to an external project management tool
  • Double-click on configuration artifacts opens the configuration directly
  • The navigation activity can be linked for follow-up activities and transition effects can be set
  • Search for widgets
  • Code in a script activity can be embellished by pretty print

Read more on Process Designer and the following pages.


Extended authorization structure and security measures

The authorizations have been refined so that the application or interface can only be read, created or changed for each user. Read more »


Security measures

Brute force attacks can now be prevented via the security policies.


Time-controlled jobs

Simplifier Jobs can now be started automatically in several variants (daily, weekly, monthly). Read more »


Mark Widgets as deprecated

Widgets that are no longer required can be marked as deprecated and are no longer available for use in the UI Designer. Read more »


Simplifier Universal Client for Android

We have reworked our Simplifier Universal Client for Android to include the same features as in the iOS Universal Client. In addition to the function that you can work offline with the Simplifier client or the autostart function for already installed business applications, we now also support the fingerprint sensor for login with Android. Furthermore, the Android client now appears in a new layout in the native Android material design.

Moreover, we offer an optimized menu navigation on data glasses, depending on the hardware complete with voice control. Support information is also automatically transmitted to the server on request.
And for the developers, we now offer a developer mode that displays errors from the console directly on the device.

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