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  • What's New?

    Get an overview of what's new in each version of the Simplifier.

  • Partnerportal

    Page for Partner

  • Getting Started

    Articles to get you started using the Simplifier

  • Settings & Users

    It lets you define many different parameters for users and their roles.

  • Applications

    How to create and manage applications.

  • Connectors

    The concept of connectors and how to use them effectively with your applications.

  • Plugins

    How to expand the features of the Simplifier with powerful third-party plugins.

  • Business Objects

    How to implement advanced business logic with the Business Objects module.

  • Transports

    Import and export applications and other content to other Simplifier accounts.

  • Logs & Monitoring

    All about the Logs & Monitoring module.

  • Data Types

    The central way to define different types of data, structures and collections.

  • Jobs

    Server side executed and recurring tasks which use Business Objects as logic.

  • Marketplace

    All about the marketplace and how to add content to your Simplifier account.

  • Templates

    With Templates you can build pattern which you can use consistently.

  • Downloads

    Various Downloads as examples on how to use different features of the Simplifier.