Video & Documentation Tutorials

Topic Category Duration Documentation Video
Simplifier overview Getting started 2:10 min Read docs
Create new connector Connectors 2:08 min Read docs
Create connector call Connectors 2:58 min Read docs
Test a connector call Connectors 2:44 min Read docs
Create new application Applications 1:04 min Read docs
Release application Applications 2:21 min Read docs
UI Designer overview UI Designer  3:46 min Read docs
Navigation activity Process Designer 0:51 min Read docs
Use data object Process Designer 1:50 min Read docs
Create user story Process Designer 2:10 min Read docs
Server action Process Designer 1:02 min Read docs
Mobile action Process Designer 4:19 min Read docs
Create UI5 widget Widgets 9:47 min Read docs
Create transport Transports 2:58 min Read docs
Import transport Transports 1:20 min Read docs
Manage settings Admin & user settings 1:55 min Read docs
Create new user Admin & user settings 1:28 min Read docs
Assign role & rights Admin & user settings 1:21 min Read docs
Use data workbench Data Workbench 2:02 min Read docs
Add a job Jobs 1:31 min Read docs
Create & use business object Business Objects 4:06 min Read docs

Free(mium) Apps

We offer some free Simplifier Apps to demonstrate some of the features. If you already have a Simplifier Freemium Instance these apps are already onboard.
Otherwise you can download the app via the button below.
Note: the transport is for the latest simplifier release

Appname Description Video
ITIZ_Example_SmartMaintenanceDashboard The Smart Maintenance Dashboard is used for real-time monitoring of machine data. A color-coded indicator shows immediately whether a production line is outside the predefined threshold values. This enables a quick reaction.
In the dashboard the user sees an overview of all machines assigned to him. For each machine he gets information about manufacturer and sensor data. The sensor data is displayed in the shape of a chart. In addition, the user can perform the following activities: Remote Service Call, Create notification in the SAP system and Detail view.
Play Video
ITIZ_Mobile_Example_SimplifierExplored This application shows a selection of functions of the Simplifier (e.g. Toggle Light, Vibrate, Scan Barcode, Take a picture…)
IMPORTANT: most functions can only be used on a mobile device. Please run this application in the Mobile Client.
ITIZ_Template_OPCUA In this application you can specify an OPC UA node. The sensor data will then be displayed in real-time. Play Video
ITIZ_Template_REST_ToDoList In this application you can create different to-dos with subject, text and user. You can also edit or delete existing to-dos. This application is using a REST interface. Play Video
ITIZ_Template_SAPRFC_PurchaseOrder With the Purchase Order Application, you can display the details of a purchase order and also change the quantity of existing items. Play Video
ITIZ_Template_SAPSOAP_FunctionalLocation This application shows you the functional location of a machine. You get the information about the manufacturer, as well as details about the location with representation in a map. The machines are displayed in a structure list and it is possible, for example, to remove the equipment and install another one. Play Video
ITIZ_Template_SQL_ShoppingList In this application you can add a product and the quantity to the shopping list. You have the possibility to delete existing values. Play Video